How many books are in the Bible

    Where did Lot live?

    What did God create on the fourth day?

    Who was Melchizadek?

    How many disciples did Jesus have?

    Who helped the Israelite spies in Jericho?

    How many tribes make up Israel?

    How many books of the Bible did Paul write?

    Who was not one of the disciples?

    Which feast is known as the Day of Atonement?

    What is the Jewish name for the Old Testament?

    What chapter records the so-called Jerusalem council?

    Who was Israel's first king?

    From which tribe do Ephraim and Manasseh come?

    Who was the king of Babel?

    Which is not a piece of the full armor of God?

    Which church does Christ rebuke for tolerating Jezebel?

    Whose scroll was Daniel reading?

    Which chapter contains the mystery parables?

    What is the only thing one must do to be saved?